Welcome to IT Adapter Corporation!  We are an information technology consulting company from Hudson, Ohio, USA. We specialize in custom software development and general IT consulting with sharp focus on delivery of working solutions.

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Are you lost in innumerable IT terms, technologies, trends and solution offerings? Are you tired of your team under-performance? Maybe you feel being held hostage by your developers? IT Adapter is here to help. We are hands-on people who value our technical and business expertise.

At IT Adapter we think that majority of problems arise due to the lack of proper mind-to-mind interface between business and IT representatives. Many projects stall or miss-deliver because of this natural process shortcoming. This is where we truly excel - we envision tasks from as many angles as possible. In terms of famous "design patterns" we are an "Adapter".
From Wikipedia:
In computer programming, the adapter design pattern translates one interface for a class into a compatible interface. An adapter allows classes to work together that normally could not because of incompatible interfaces, by providing its interface to clients while using the original interface. The adapter translates calls to its interface into calls to the original interface...

In all honesty, information technology is an area of much speculation, abstraction, not to say - fraud. What metrics do you use to gauge your IT performance - why do you take for granted that it takes X years to finish development of your project? Did you know that majority of companies spend 2 to 10 times more due to misunderstanding of technologies, lack on consensus at the business tier, and plain miscommunication. We truly think that no tool or process can substitute for proper vision and human awareness.

Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and project success. We benefit when you benefit, so give us a call today at 866.482.7757 and tell us about your IT problems.

At IT Adapter, research work never stops. There is no way one can keep-up with modern technologies without constant experimenting and self-education. Currently, our scientist are working on the following projects:

NFX Logo     .NET Framework Extension

Designed with the following goals in mind:
  • 100% Microsoft .NET Solution
  • Developer Productivity
  • MVC/Model-View Model
  • Testability
  • Agile Development by Parallel Teams
  • Easy Maintenance
Aum Logo     Aum Programming Language

Write once, run anywhere, run fast with full object-oriented feature set:
  • Multi-Paradigm statically and dynamically typed
  • Artificial Intelligence Support - rewritable methods
  • Cross-Platform: MS.Net or Java runtimes
  • Fast Execution - solve complex problems in real-time
  • Full set of Object Oriented features: Generics, Delegates and Lambda Functions
  • Open Source (as of v1.0+)
  • Multiple Syntactic Dialects


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