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About Unistack

Unistack handles business systems development challenges.
Designed and built for super scale from the ground up.

App Container

Unify all apps: console, web, and service.
Stateful or Stateless - it is up to you.
Logging, session, and injection.

Big Memory

Unleash the power of your RAM!
Keep GC swift with hundreds of millions of business objects.

Full Web Stack

Server, REST or RPC APIs, server and client MVC + MVVM, Templates.


Hierarchical distributed configuration designed to scale on millions of nodes. Variables, macros, structured merging, and version control.

Object Teleportation

Move you business entities seamlessly in a cluster as if you were in the same app.

Glue Distributed Entities

Create contract-based services of appropriate granularity and scope. Manage endpoints and security.


Protect your processes, services, endpoints, UI screens and even elements with roles, and permissions. Social/Corporate SSO.

Complete Instrumentation

Gauge, profile and inspect every layer of your business. Real time alerts and monitoring is built-in.

Payment Processing

Take credit cards. Send money.
Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and others.
Transact via ACH.


Create, render, and enqueue rich HTML and plain emails. Send SMS and social messages.


Turn your business objects into bytes and back with the fastest native CLR solution on the market. JSON, Slim, Arow, Erlang OTP.

Hybrid Data Access

The virtual queries support RDBMS, NoSql, ORM, CRUD and API data sources.

Our Vision

The Unistack vision embodies many years of real business consulting experience analyzing deficiencies of process and implementation that many Fortune 500 companies face. NFX - is an incarnation of our Unistack approach which crystallizes our vision, know-how and experience extracted from solving real world business problems.


NFX is written in C# and runs on any .Net system. This framework contains truly unique intellectual assets and allows for unconventional methods that significantly boost performance and simplify the development (such as stateful web). The majority of the achievements are possible because of the two key factors: Unification of design - all components are written in the same way Sophisticated serialization mechanism aka "teleportation"

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The Innovation

  • .NET
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle

Compress Your Intellectual Property - Deliver Even More Features with Less Code

Reduce Complexity

What is intellectual property? - It is everything that you have in your mind and disk - design docs, data, state, code, architecture, pattern, know-how. "Information" - is the most general term. As we all know, information takes space to store and time to process, unless we... compress it!

Unistack = Compression

The concept of Unified Software Stack is built to reduce time and budget without sacrificing features. This is achieved by decreasing the number of standards that the systems rely on. The standards mean: languages, runtimes, libraries, components, frameworks, file formats, DB backends, etc.

Our Team

We are a team of talented Data Scientists & Engineers with the knowledge, experience, intellectual freedom, and freedom to fly – creatively,
and in the face of convention – necessary to get software projects of great pith and moment off the ground.


Learn about our technology, vision and approach to solving the most challenging business problems on the market

  Infoq - Big Memory .NET Part 1

This article describes the concept of Big Memory and concentrates on its applicability to managed execution models like the one used in Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime (CLR). A few different approaches are suggested to resolve GC pausing issues that arise when a managed process starts to store over a few million objects.

  Habrahabr - Храним 300 миллионов объектов в CLR процессе

Все managed языки такие как Java или C# имеют один существенный недостаток — безусловное автоматическое управление паматью. Казалось бы, именно это и является преимуществом managed языков...

  Infoq - Big Memory .NET Part 2

In part two, Dmitriy Khmaladze, of IT Adapter, describes their solution NFX Pile; a hybrid memory manager written in C# with 100% managed code.

  Habrahabr - Ультраэффективная Бинарная Сериализация в CLR

В данной статье мы рассмотрим задачи переноса сложных объектов между процессами и машинами. В наших системах было много мест, где требовалось перемещать большое кол-во бизнес объектов различной структуры...

  Apache Thrift vs NFX.Glue Benchmark

Recently we have invested more time in optimizing the NFX.Serialization.SlimSerializer and NFX.Glue.Native.SyncBinding. The results that we achieved after optimization are very promising...


Learn about our technology, vision and approach to solving the most challenging business problems on the market

  NFX on Git Hub

NFX is a modern .NET full stack framework designed for cloud. It is written in C# and runs on a CLR machine. NFX supports app containers, configuration, big memory heaps, IPC, and other functions that significantly simplify the development of large distributed systems

  NFX Demos/ How To

A collection of various demo projects that cover basics and some advanced NFX use-cases. With NFX you can develop any web or desktop application with minimal effort.

  NFX Nuget

Get the latest package distributions and updates

  Serializer Benchmarking Suite

The purpose of this tool is to test the performance/capabilities of various serializers available for the CLR/.NET platform.


Online version - generated from XML doc
Microsoft CHM help file

  YouTube Channel

Technology previews and demonstrations

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